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Kim & Joe G.

Kim - Down 22" & 8 lbs*         Joe - Down 54" & 64lbs*

Joe's  Update:  February 25, 2015

Thin and Healthy  Member, Joe Glos, officially moved to maintenance phase today as he reached is goal of losing a whopping 64 pounds and 54"!.  The string that Joe is pictured holding represents the inches that he has lost off of his body since he joined the program one year ago. Along the way, Joe has allowed us to showcase his progress and share his story as he worked through the program and made lifestyle changes along with his wife, Kim (who also looks amazing by the way)!   We are so proud of their transofrmation and we feel honored to be a part of their journey! *

  *Results may vary based on each individual. 



Joe & Kim's Update:  November 2014




 Listen to Kim & Joe's story:



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 *Results may vary based on each individual.