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I started with the program last July (on my birthday); however, due to sustaining a left broken ankle with 3 chipped bones in October on top of healing from a right total hip replacement (which actually brought me to inquire about your program in the first place), my intended fitness goals came to a complete halt.

Trying to get myself back in the program to include the motivation both mentally and physically has been a true challenge, especially when the numbers on the scale seem to stay the same. But, I must say the friendliness, compassion, and motivation provided by Kim and Nicole have been truly amazing and I am very grateful. They both truly make you feel as it is a priority and that you have their undivided attention.

You have two outstanding individuals working under you and I look forward to continuing this life journey with them.* (Dawn C.)


I wanted to let you know that I stopped in on Friday and Rose was kind enough to measure me again.  I was just so excited with the numbers!  Huge thank you to you and the staff for being so supportive.  At times it was a hard journey but the results and knowledge I have gained proves anyone can succeed and the correct guidance and mindset.* (Pat S.)

*Results may vary based on each individual.