Harford County's Best Family Fitness Center

Why The Arena Club

Why choose The Arena Club? We think there are lots of reasons why we stand out as Harford County’s BEST health club:



#1 - We Are Locally Owned And Operated
We are not a tax-exempt fitness business. Therefore, we support our local school systems, teachers, parks and rec, roads, and infrastructure such as the fire and police departments. Your dollars spent locally have three times the impact on your community as dollars spent at national chains. When patronizing a local business, you simultaneously create jobs, fund more city services through sales tax, and invest in neighborhood improvement.

We answer to our members - not shareholders. We live in the local community and understand what our community needs.  We have developed strong partnerships with other local business owners over the years and because of that, we have been able to offer our members discounts at our partner businesses with our rewards program.

#2 - Facility was Designed with YOU in Mind

From day one, our goal was to help our local community reach their wellness goals, and a lot of thought was put into the design of the facility to remove any obstacles from attaining those goals. EVERY DETAIL has been decided with the goal of enhancing member experience. 

#3 - We Make Exercising Convenient

We made our operating hours from very early in the morning to late in the evening to remove the obstacle of “time” from workouts. For families, we include childcare as part of your membership and offer field play and swim time as options so that your kids remain active and engaged while you are exercising. Other than our infant room, we do not require you to make a reservation for your child.  If you have taken the time to get your kids ready, pack them up, and get to the club for your workout, we WILL NOT turn you away.  We have the most hours available for childcare services than any other Harford County club. 


#4 - We Have Something For Everyone 

We offer programs and services for ALL ages, so that every member of the family has a fun option for health and wellness. We are innovative and stay on top of fitness trends to offer new and exciting methods of exercise like hot yoga, aerial yoga, Les Mills classes, and programs like TRX and GRIT.


#5 - Our Facility Is Clean

Safety, Cleanliness and Health are our top priority.  You will not find carpet or drop ceilings in our exercise areas.  Carpet and drop ceilings are known house bacteria and dust, which trigger exercise-induced asthma.  All of our flooring is comprised of hard surfaces such as wood, tile and rubber.  We have an in-house cleaning crew that works around the clock.  We station antibacterial wipes throughout the workout space. 


#6 - We Have Top-Notch Staff, Instructors, Trainers, and Equipment

All of our employees are CPR, and AED trained.  Our instructors and trainers are highly educated with degrees or nationally accredited.  We offer state of the art equipment with individual viewing monitors and heart rate monitors.  We offer the most diversified equipment and number of pieces available in Harford County.  It is extremely rare to ever wait on equipment. 


#7 - We Have The BEST Pool Deckpooldeck

Our pool deck is a tropical oasis in the summer time! Surrounded by palm trees, tiki huts, and flowers, you will feel like every day is a stay-cation day!  Our outdoor fields, basketball, sand volleyball add to a fun variety of outdoor play.  Our water basketball, diving boards, and water slides are fun for all ages. The fun lasts all season long when we install a dome over our pools in the winter and our members enjoy an escape from the cold outdoors!


Where possible our pools are filled with salt water.  Only true therapy pools can heat the water to over 88 degrees, and The Arena Club is the only club offering a true warm salt water therapy pool. Salt water is gentler on skin, hair and bathing suits.  Salt water is also critical for therapy and healing due to its increased buoyancy principals. Indoor Salt water pools have better air quality than chlorine pools, which is most important when we are swimming indoors under the dome.


field#8 - Our Indoor Turf Field

When we designed the club, we tried to meet our community’s needs. Everyone had basketball – many churches and local schools offered basketball, but indoor and outdoor fields were desperately needed.  We designed our indoor field to assimilate outdoor play by using nets versus dasher boards or walls. Utilizing nets helps players develop better skills, ball handling, and inbound play.  The turf is top-of-the-line Astro Play.  Astro Play is better on athletes’ joints by providing more cushion.  The upgraded turf is also better for athletes who make abrupt cuts during play.  We offer the largest field in Harford County at our home facility and a smaller turf field at our sports academy location.  The smaller field is perfect for lessons, training, and parties/events.


#9 - Our Staff Personally Cares About YOU

We don’t think you will find a more caring team than the one at The Arena Club. In fact, we think our environment is what sets us apart more than anything else.  It is not uncommon to be greeted by your first name when you enter or given a word of motivation in our hallway when you walk by any of our staff members. We provide an atmosphere where everyone is welcome and feels comfortable to achieve their goals – no matter what they are. 


#10 - Our Members See Results

One of the most important commitments you will ever make is the commitment to improve the quality of your health.  Recognizing the importance of that commitment, our goal is to help you fully succeed.  We invite you to a FREE Road2Success fitness planning appointment when you join so we can help you navigate the steps to your personal journey. Depending on your personal goals, we will design a roadmap so that you head out into the gym feeling comfortable from the start.  We offer so many tools and resources to help you along the way - you never have to feel that you are on your journey alone.  This is one of the reasons we have been voted the BEST health club in Harford County by Harford Magazine since 2008.