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My Orange Zone


Burn between 500-1000 calories for a guaranteed extended calorie burn up to 36 hours.  Reach peak performance while we focus on your yellow and red zones - THE ORANGE ZONE - while wearing your MyZone belt.  Increase strength, endurance, power, and lose inches in this effective and proven small group program.

• 60 minute workout
• Small group with maximum attention
• Burn between 500 - 1000 calories
• Extended calorie burn for up 36 hours
• Increase muscle strength, endurance and power
• Weight loss
• Use treadmills, rowers, bike, functional fitness, RKB, dumbbells and more
• MyZone belt required

MyORANGEZone is part of our Platinum Membership, which offers unlimited small group training.  Members may also drop-in for $30.



MyZone Belt $90.00

Trigger Point Therapy Ball $19.99

Trigger Point Grid $39.99