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Red Light Therapy

Our Red Light Therapy Bed is a safe and all-natural, non-invasive process that encourages your body to produce enzymes, elastin fibers and collagen that support the skin's structure, producing younger, smoother, firmer-feeling skin. It repairs damaged skin, kills bacteria to fight acne, reduces pore size, dramatically reduces fine lines and wrinkles, relieves joint pain, reduces scars and stretch marks, evens out pigmentation, and much more! Although the Rejuvenessence lamps have been created for use in our tanning bed, they do not tan you or emit any UV light. The FDA has given red light a "non-significant risk" status and declared it safe for the eyes.



1 session  $12.50

1 month    $49.99

3 months  $99.99

1 year        $19.99*
*Monthly Electronic Funds Transfer.
First time 1 year tanning memberships charged
additional $20 processing fee.