Harford County's Best Family Fitness Center

Why train with us?

We train our athletes unlike any other facility in the area.  We train athletes to be successful on and off the field, using science and practical knowledge to develop our strength, speed, and combine prep programs.  We are staffed with former collegiate and professional athletes to assist in sport/position specific skill training. 

Our student athletes leave training sessions with a greater sense of confidence when they head to the field. Our athletes feel as they are part of a family - a family who wants to see them succeed and is behind them every step of the way.  This is what sets us apart from any other facility in the area. We do whatever it takes to help our athletes “BE BETTER THEN AVERAGE” - gaining performance, skill and the confidence, one workout at a time.

Hear what our athletes are saying:






 “Coach I attribute my recent college commitment to you. After my freshman year  when I almost gave up on my  dream  of playing college ball, your workouts and believing in me helped get me where I am at today." - Matt M. (John Carroll Senior Football/Baseball & committed to Philadelphia University)


 “ I have never met a trainer/coach as well loved by so many athletes.  I appreciate everything you’ve done for me over the years and how hard you made me work but still made it fun."  - Jon H. (Junior Shepherd University - Football)