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90 Day Commitment | $675
(3 monthly payments of $225 available)
Contract must be completed between May 15-August 25
*Includes an Arena Club membership

30 Day Unlimited | $275
Contract must be completed between May 15-August 25
*Includes an Arena Club membership


Offered May 15-August 25 | 90-120 min sesssions

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday | Sports Factory Field
8:00 AM    &    10:00 AM

Wednesday | Arena Club Pool
8:00 AM    &    10:30 AM


2 Day Program
Offered year round
Speed OR Strength | 60 mins
$99/month Members    |    $119/montlhy Non-members

Speed and Strength | 90-120 mins
$139/month Members    |    $149/month Non-members


Evening Group Training Schedule

Offered year round

Pick two days from the following:
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday | Sports Factory Field
4:00 PM    &    5:00 PM

Special pricing incentives for GRIND Alumni, contact Zach Esser today!

For more information, contact our GRIND Membership Coordinator Zach Esser at zesser@thearenaclub.com.


Our GRIND sports performance program is a three-step process that guarantees results for any middle or high school athlete. Our sports performance and strength coaches utilize Chip Smith's MORR (Movement, Overspeed, Resistance and Reaction) System, the training system used by more professional and elite athletes than any other system in the world. The MORR System analyzes an athlete's movement within his/her sport and position and is proven to produce measurable results. The Arena Sports Factory coaches will develop an individualized program that increases an athlete's speed, reaction and overall strength to produce results that can be measured and seen.


Step 1: Assessment

The athlete will meet one of our highly-trained and certified sports performance coaches for a sports performance assessment. The standardized assessment consists of nine drills and physical tests that allow us to determine the athlete's group-readiness for our GRIND program. This assessment is the foundation for the future success of every athlete. 


Step 2: Prep Phase

The athlete will work privately with a strength coach for a recommended number of private sessions based on the results of the sports performance assessment. The focus of this phase is to prepare the athlete for the GRIND group training program. Athletes will exit the preparatory phase fully acclimated to the MORR System. They will have the confidence, technique, skill set and understanding of the equipment and nomenclature in order to be successful in the GRIND group training program. 

Based on the results of the athlete's assessment and the recommendation of his/her coach, the athlete will work with the coach: 

3 sessions - $225

6 sessions - $450

9 sessions - $675

12 sessions - $900

Custom packages may also be recommended. Athletes may also work in small groups for this phase.


Step 3: GRIND Group

Once the athlete has completed the preparatory phase with his/her coach, he/she is now prepared to enter our GRIND group training. Under the direct supervision of our sports performance team, the athlete will work in group training sessions at The Arena Sports Factory training facility. The first hour of every session is movement and position-specific training and will focus on overspeed, resistance and reaction. The second hour is spent in our world class Olympic weight area. 

GRIND group training gives the athlete access to a Sports Factory membership, which includes:

  • Full access to The Arena Club and amenities
  • Unlimited access to the GRIND schedule of classes at The Sports Factory Monday-Thursday to include frield and weight room conditioning that lasts approximately 90-120 minutes.  Classes are held at 4, 5, and 6pm.

Our Sports Factory membership is a customizable agreement that can be adjusted to accommodate the athlete's season. 

Training periods:

1 month - $275 /mo. for members, $295/mo. for nonmembers

3 months - $230/mo. for members, $260/mo. for nonmembers

6 months - $210/mo. for members, $240/mo. for nonmembers

9-12 months - $169/mo. for members, $199/mo. for nonmembers

Seasonal options will be available at various times during the year for collegiate athletes on winter and summer breaks.


For more information or to set up your sports performance assessment, contact Wellness & Athletics Director Nicole Bosley-Smith at nbosleysmith@thearenaclub.com