Harford County's Best Family Fitness Center

A Message from the Owners

rawlingsOn January 30, 2003, we opened the doors to The Arena Club. We had a vision for a full service, total health and wellness facility that would change the lives of community members in Harford County. We imagined a place that would encompass total wellness for all ages, health status, and walks of life. It’s wild that ten years later, we’re there. From children to seniors, from athletes to those with disabilities, we have the facility and resources to help people achieve their goals, no matter what they are.

The road to get here wasn’t always clear. Like any new business, we had challenges and struggles our first few years. We had filled our facility with pools, studios, a turf field, and the latest equipment, but something made our building still feel empty. We realized that the thing we were missing was a warm, inviting environment that fostered community and success.

Despite our doubts, we had faith…faith in God, our people, and the fact that we were providing something special to help members improve their lives. We switched our focus. Our mission became about truly serving our members and creating an environment that is positive and motivating. We invested our efforts into growing a staff of experienced, caring, and faithful people that are committed to our members’ success. That faith and that mission is the reason why The Arena Club is where it is today.

Over the years, The Arena Club has grown to be more than a health and wellness facility. It has become a community of staff, members, and friends that encourage each other and bring positive energy to each other’s lives. The social aspect and strong sense of community that has developed here is something really to behold. The variety of our programs and services bring members from all walks of life, and it is amazing to see everyone accepting and respecting everyone else for who they are. We have become the place we envisioned ten years ago…a place that has something to offer for everyone and where everyone fits in.

It is so rewarding to hear a member tell us they have lost 100 pounds, or they have been able to come off medications, or they have run their first race because of their relationship with The Arena Club. When you meet these people, it makes you feel good. People benefit from The Arena Club in so many ways. Whether it is for wellness, competitive sports, physical therapy, or just for family fun, our product brings good things to our members’ lives and to the 200+ people who work here. God has blessed us with this.

Our outlook for the future is bright. Our hopeful vision for the next ten years includes expansion to our property to provide more space so we can offer more services and change the lives of even more people.

We have faith. Cheers to ten more years!


The Rawlings Family

Keith, Kathy, Kurt, and Keifer Rawlings